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Amber and Bryan Cincinnati Wedding Photographer

It wasn’t the venue or the vows or how beautiful Amber was.  It wasn’t the dress or the (really cute) shoes or the that the sky was the perfect shade of blue. What I will remember most about Amber and Bryan’s wedding is that they are two of the kindest people I have been lucky enough to be around.  Photographing their wedding was a far more than an honor, it was a gift.

These two are meant for each other.  Being around this kind of love feels good.  It was the way they could not stop looking at one another like no one else was there.  While they stared into each other’s eyes with tearful smiles, I saw pure affection and devotion,  compassion and happiness.  This is what love looks like.

Amber and Bryan, you are why I love what I do.

I started the day with Amber getting ready.

Gorgeous!All of the girls were so nice.The first look.
Amber’s flowers were arranged by Case’s Golden Leaf Florist.  I just love a sweetheart neckline, so feminine.They got married at St. Joe’s Church in Cold Springs.The white rose represents Bryan’s grandmother.  It was placed next to Bryan’s mother to represent where she would have been sitting.
What a great looking couple!:)My favorite!

Patty Scharstein

Nikita, I told you the day of Amber and Bryan’s Wedding that I thought you were awesome,and great. But I think I have to retract that statement. You are Amazing!! First, what you said about them made me cry, maybe because I’m one of the Moms, but to hear people say how wonderful your children are, means maybe you’ve really done something right. Bryan and Amber are so meant for each other, it is so obvious to everyone around them.
Thank you for being the great person that you are, and thank you for being the great photographer that you are. I am so glad they found you. You definetly made their special day,AMAZING!!
I’m looking forward to getting all of the pix’s. Thanks again, Patty


I have to say that though I do not know Bryans mother I completely agree with her; although, it wasnt that she was a mother of one of them that made her cry, it was because your words Nikita are truly inspiring. I only pray that on my wedding day, the same can be said of my husband and I. I have yet to meet Bryan but have known Amber for most of her life and she has always been the same kind , beautiful person that she is today! You managed to capture her beauty and their love in a way that brings me to tears. You truly are amazing at what you do!

Nikita, this is really sweet and gorgeous!

Oh my gosh, you two have me in tears, now we are all crying. :) Thank you so much for the kind words.

Michelle M.

Nikita, I am in awe when I look at the pictures of my little brother and my sweet, new sister-in-law! You are truely blessed and extremely talented to be able to create such breath-taking photographs. Thinking back on the day of their wedding, I not only thought of you as very professional, but you were so down to earth at the same time! You were just like one of us, laughing and joking around all day, sweating in the sun….Thank you so much for capturing such a special day! Our whole family will truely cherish these pictures forever, and I am more than excited to see all of the finished shots, including the portraits of me with my husband and girls! Thank you so much and good luck in your work!

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