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Happy Couple Duo Kickstarter

Last night I had the pleasure of tagging along with Katy and Zachary of The Happy Couple Duo while they made outdoor art.  They are planning a huge move across the country later this year. They want to stop along the way creating temporary light based art installations.  I think it is a brilliant idea. […]

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Cincinnati Maternity Photos

  I first got to know Casey when we worked on this 70’s inspired shoot  a couple of years ago.  We became instant friends.  She is someone I consider to be a muse.  Whenever we get together, ideas start flowing naturally.  She is such a beautiful woman both inside and out.  I am very lucky to […]

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iPhone Friday Pushing Boundaries

It’s not until you step outside of the imaginary boundaries you make up for yourself that you can truly get in touch with your real creative self.  I believe the rules you learn in art school are great to give you the tools you need to execute an idea, but it isn’t until you decide […]

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iPhone Self Portraits

Self portraits are a form of therapy for me.  I usually feel the urge to create them when I am going through some kind of change or when I am feeling lost from my life path.  The process of creating self portraits allows me to release whatever it is in me that is holding me […]

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