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A weekly collection of iPhone photographs.

iPhone Friday 24 Hours in Chicago

I need a winter project and I just got a new phone, so here I go again.  This time I am going to make it stick…iPhone Friday is back on my blog. This week I am sharing a few pics from a 24 hour trip to Chicago I took with Chris this week.  He got […]

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iPhone Friday

We are FINALLY getting some good Spring weather, so getting out of the house is a treat.  These are a few images of interesting things I collected on a walk earlier this week.

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iPhone Friday Pushing Boundaries

It’s not until you step outside of the imaginary boundaries you make up for yourself that you can truly get in touch with your real creative self.  I believe the rules you learn in art school are great to give you the tools you need to execute an idea, but it isn’t until you decide […]

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iPhone Self Portraits

Self portraits are a form of therapy for me.  I usually feel the urge to create them when I am going through some kind of change or when I am feeling lost from my life path.  The process of creating self portraits allows me to release whatever it is in me that is holding me […]

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