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iPhone Self Portraits

Self portraits are a form of therapy for me.  I usually feel the urge to create them when I am going through some kind of change or when I am feeling lost from my life path.  The process of creating self portraits allows me to release whatever it is in me that is holding me […]

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Seattle and Aislinn Designs

Back in August my boyfriend, Chris and I had the pleasure of visiting Seattle for the first time.  It is a beautiful, laid back city.  Notorious for it’s rainy days, we were lucky to have only one in the 8 days we were there.  We did a lot of touristy things like visit The Space […]

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iPhone Friday Chicago

Last weekend I spent a couple of days in one of my favorite cities, Chicago.   My boyfriend Chris and I  took the 5 hour drive up Thursday and came back on Saturday.  Though many people think going to Chicago in the winter is crazy, I have to admit I kind of like it.  The […]

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2014 Portrait Project

When I first started photography school over 15 years ago I would take my camera with me where ever I went.  Every birthday party, cookout, and visit to my mother’s was documented in some way.  I would take long drives out Rt. 8 in Kentucky to take pictures.  I was learning and getting lots of […]

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